Next generation security awareness & protection (coming soon)

Global Overview:-

Security Training Portal - learn in a live environment the methodologies, techniques tools and Counter-Measures used by today's Security professionals to test and safe guard your organisational IT assets.

Learn the art of auditing Computer code to detect and resolve vulnerabilities (buffer overflows etc) inherent within your applications.

Test your computers/infrastructure against all the latest proof of concepts/exploits safely and securely without the worry of viruses/malware/adware etc.

Access to 24/7 real-time Vulnerability, Virus and phishing information via our online vulnerability centre.

Backed up by our Incident Response Centre.

Much more.

Digital Threat Intelligence from Computer Terrorism (UK) is set to be the world's first fully interactive Security Training and awareness centre - providing network & Security professionals with a safe environment to learn and practice the latest hacking techniques and Counter-Measures.

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